Agent Scarecrow #1

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Mike is your average 20-year old guy. One day, Mike is mistaken for a secret agent and gets involved in a crazy story.

Agent SCARECROW, is a "choose your own" actionventure game. Your decisions will dictate the course of the story.

** EDIT: I think it was not understood by everyone that the Chapter ends where the story splits. Your choices will lead to different episodes as they alter the course of the story.

Thanks to all voiceactors + music composers behind the game. Visit johnnybdesign.com/scarecr ow.html for complete listing + info.

Thx for Frontpage!!!! I am forever in debt.



but...i dnt get it does the game realy stop at the telephone booth??

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Johnnybdesign responds:

The chapter ends at the booth because the story splits.

I wanted the game to be reminiscent of the old "choose your own adventure" books in which you "play the part of the hero".... So you are going to download specific chapters according to your actions/choices.

I did published chapter 1 to test for the response before putting too much of my time in the series and to get helpful feedbacks/comments. I am currently working on chapter 2 and 3.


That was great. I can't wait for the second one to come out. Let me know when you do!

Johnnybdesign responds:

Thank you all for the good words.

I am devoting my time to Jack French 3 at the moment... but as soon as it is released, I will complete AS chapter 2 and 3. I really wish I can submit them to the portal for Halloween.



Hm, good art, an involving plot, nice voice acting, and just difficult enough to keep it challenging, but not so overly hard to make it frustrating.
-One more thing: The geometric code to the computer? Brilliant concept!

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Johnnybdesign responds:

Oh! Thanks for the kind comments. I can't wait to publish #2 and #3. Should happen soon.


Awesome game, i got stuck at the phone booth but i think it was my computer. Ill play it again later and ill finish it! 5 for you.

Really cool

That was really awesome. I loved it! It actually didn't take me that long to figure out the code! (probably would be a turn off for others, but I was sure proud of myself!) I usually can't figure out stuff like that on my own (which once again could be a bad thing, meaning the game was too easy...) anyways, I loved it, and can't wait to play the second one!

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Johnnybdesign responds:

Cool! That's great :)
PS Are you a libra? Cuz it shows...

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3.92 / 5.00

May 24, 2007
1:08 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click