Reviews for "Agent Scarecrow #1"


This game is awesome i could play it 1000 times a day and I'll still like it it's kinda short but anyways it's awesome :}


You deserve higher than a 10


The gameplay was very good. But your art need a bit improvement;

How to not get unstuck at the computer?
count the sides of the shapes

Got Stuck...

I got stuck a lot from not being able to see what I was looking at, and the voice acting for Mike was subpar... BUt it was ok.

Fun and good looking.

Very stylish game, I love the art - although sometimes the stylisation made it difficult to see what things were, for example the sink (or possibly bath). I like that there are several different paths you can take - most of the games I've played on this site were fairly linear. My main reason for marking down is the intro movie: it's really, re-e-eally long and it needs a skip button or something stat. Other than that, a great game. Can't wait for the next part. :D