Reviews for "Agent Scarecrow #1"

Had to do research to get the code

After only I got it did I find out how to get it. For those who don't want to be burdened finding the code, count the number of lines in one of those notes. :D Oh wow. I memorized Kat's number like 911. XD Make the second episode trickier.


how do get past the cubicle part


I think this is a great idea. Though to be honest, I forgot to write down the code for No. 2 Episode. Maybe I'll try again latter.


i really did enjoy the game. The only part that I really hated is when he is in the cubical trying to get onto Pete's computer. I tried everything that I could think of, the name of the company, his name, shortening his name, everything, but nothing seamed to work, but everything up to there I really liked. I liked the entro though, no matter what the douchebag says a few below me, it really got me onto the game.

And what was up with the blood in the bathroom, you can't do anything with it after that though. And when he says that he needs a shave, I would have loved to give him one but he just didn't have the right 'button' to let me have him shave.

No matter though.
Good game ;)


I thought it was very cheesy, really the whole story and stuff so far, but i DO enjoy playing the game; Its just all a little too redundant for me, like the line he said in front of the fish tank...that whole sentence was just dumb: but made me laugh so its not really too much of a downpoint, and so this is a good 9 :)

Also, i liked the style of the game, the graphics and even the ending code and such;