Reviews for "Agent Scarecrow #1"

Great Game

I thought the gome was awesome. The password took me awhile, but it was worth it...kinda. Too short, i hate suspence personally.
Waiting for esp2!!!!!! ^_^


nice graphics, it reminds me of max pain. awsome music i loved it. the voices were a tad bit too forced though. it would be nice if you had a skip dialouge button, it just kind of bothers me that im finished reading a phrase yet the next phrase hasnt popped up yet. overall nice game cant wait for the next bit to come out.

please read

trust me, when the guys start nocking on the door, choose to open it. the fight with them is alot easier

veery good game

looking forward for the 2nd one to come out soon great job

nice name

the game didn't load for me but i like the name. lol.

Johnnybdesign responds:

Indeed, what a clever name ;)

Give it another try. You have to try it. Try on my website if it is not working here.