Reviews for "Agent Scarecrow #1"

quit game on the intro

lost interest in the intro and never started playing it. hard to care about something where the intro is boring.


I love the style, but there were a few flaws here and there.

The intro should be skippable, in case you want to go through on a second run.
The Gun battle was lacking, it needed gun sounds and people dying instead of dissapearing.

And was the second agent that came to the door purposely made to look like Jake from the Blues Brothers, or is it just me?

This game will suck you in and throw away the key!

I loved the way this game moved and yes the voice acting was wonderful. Keep them coming and we'll keep playing them and become one with the world you have created. F-ing cool player.

pretty good

this was a pretty good game scarecrow 2 and 3 were really good as well =}}}}

Not bad, Not bad

Happy for you making a game and it's original.
The voice acting is annoying, the pacing of the voice acting.
Sounds like Napoleon Dynamite. Pretty funny.