Reviews for "Agent Scarecrow #1"

Nice Start.

I really like this game, it's created very well and it keeps you going.
I just hope the next agent scarecrow is a little longer... ;]

whats the song's name ?

what's the song's name in the beginning ? :O
great game though.

Johnnybdesign responds:

It's from Philipp Weigl.
Nice song indeed!

*wonders which choices I SHOULD have made*

Man, Johnnybdesign------>
This was a blast to play. Your artwork is suPERB, honestly.
What does something like this take to make, I mean the time it takes to make?
I can't iMAGine taking on something like that.
Oh and I have to admit, I used the commenter's user guide to sneak past a few things on my second try. Heh heh heh Guess now I have no choice BUT to go check out your SECOND one that is finished. *clicks <back> to play your newest Agent Scarecrow Game* Keep 'em comin' mate! They're scrum-diddly-umptious!

................Take care, be good and decide wisely.period

Johnnybdesign responds:

Thanks for the good words! :)


Ended up playing it a few times through, nice all round...the shooting section was a bit annoying with a laptop touchpad but do-able. Can't wait for no.2

Help:Till you get to Peter's office

-Go to the fish tank,click on the chest,and you get a key
-Unlock drawer,you'll find cash
-Wander around some
-Peter will call,and people will knock on the door
-Pick "Hide in the room" the "Run"
-Click "SS" and get ready for a fight
-When you get to the office,turn around and go left
-Click on the man twice,and then click on his outfit
-Peter's office is farest right row(line thing ) and first