Reviews for "Agent Scarecrow #1"


It looks really mysterious and devious, and I like how they is different options within the game. Very cool, very unique.

I liked this game, and..

... The computer password is 136 =]

cool, but one question....

what's the password on the computer????? i tryed all the numbers but,i could't get loged in

good game...but...

Great game but I REALLY want to skip that boring intro movie...

Room for improvment

I remember beating this game quite a while ago, but I couldn't for the life of me remember the password for that damned computer! Now, I give this game a 6/10. I liked the "Sin City" black and white approach (with the splashes of color here and there) but what I don't like is calling it a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Game. You don't exactly get to choose. Because when you get an option to say or do something, you end up HAVING to choose one option. Example: When your hiding in the closet at the beginning, you choose to Listen, Look, or Run. The only the that will get you ANYWHERE is to Run. Maybe give us a bit of diversity. As well as longer gameplay (if I remember correctly, after you get into the computer the game more or less is over). My final suggestion is to find better voice actors. Nothing against the people talking NOW, but you could tell the "agents" accents were fake. And the attempt to make the large security gaurd sound gruff, didn't really work. It sounded to me a lot like a child mocking his father.

Now with all that said, I think the Agent Scarecrow series has a lot of potiental, and you as a flash creator does. All you need is a little more experience I believe,