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This chilling little "Contemplating Reiko" cartoon short was made by Jonathan Ian Mathers of "Neurotically Yours".

"Contemplating Reiko" is a simple single-panel webcomic starring a sadistic little demon girl named Reiko. There's a new strip each week on Tainted-Ink.com


really good

The title says it all.

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loved it!

i just love this kind of humor , i gave an 8 in violenece because you don't get to see the actual slaughter

I used this as an object lesson to my teen!

We had just had a discussion about the importance of trying to be "above average" and not striving to fit in with the status quo. Your movie illustrated the point I was trying to make superbly! I'm not sure if that was what you were trying to do; but thanks!

I loved your eerie music; plus the visual of an ice-skating goth was strangely beautiful.

I didn't see that coming...

I will be honest, I did not foresee the end. Well done! I thought it was creative and the style is wonderful, especially considering the darker theme. And as usual, great choice in music. Good job and I hope you submit more soon!


I knew she would be animated some time. Shes so sweet and cute...

By the way I like how it is short captures the essence of the one frame comics.

It would be nice if one was made every week or so... ;3

TaintedInk responds:

"Some time"? I'm glad you like this one, but there are several older Reiko animations. Since you visit my site to read the comics I'm not sure how you missed the animations. Please do check them out.

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3.54 / 5.00

May 2, 2007
10:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original