Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

sorry i didt give a 5 but it was close

nice job another flash well done she just looked a bit weairder then she is now thats all dont take this the wrong way like that fag kurvos that keeps on dissing your work

Good, not your best

As most people said, it's good but not your best. You should keep making them. NO offence to Johnathon though.


It's funny, actually; to make Reiko look good and be funny, it shouldn't be made by you! This one was the only one so far I actually LAUGHED a little bit in.


shes a perfectly normal demon child. good not your best stick to foamy the squirell

i concur

Im in agreeance with the person before me not your best mabye it was the sudden color or what but not the best you've done
(still desent though)