Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

Animated by a Flash Legend, not for Reiko though

I didnt think this one was As good as the other series, though it was nice try of Johnathan Ian Mathers, I didnt think this was that great. 6/10.

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not as good as the real one, but good all the same. I wanna go on the ice skates next. ^_^

Reiko is always dark and amusing!

Reiko cartoons are always fun to watch because they are so dark but at the same time just completely amusing to watch!

Great fanwork from the foamy creator

I checked through your work and realized that one had a somewhat different style. When I saw the skull preloader, I knew that this particular episode was not yours, but Jonathan Mathers. He did good as always and it is interesting to see what Mathers can do outside of his Foamy cartoons. Your work is interesting Vincent, and if I had the money, I would invest in it.


How did this get frontpage? you had about 3 graphics of that Reiko character, a few motion tweens followed by a fairly nice hair movement effect, and the camera motion tweening/zooming out.. then it ended! Sure, the dead bodies in the background looked nice (the rest of the background was unimpressive though). Sure, the soundtrack was decent (even if it was just a tune and a few skidding sound effects). But I was expecting much more than that! I'm disappointed.

TaintedInk responds:

Suspicious that your comment comes more than two weeks after this was actually on the front page.