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Puzzle Freak

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Make sure you have a current version of Flash installed on your computer. If game runs slowly, reduce graphics quality. If music gets annoying, use the music on/off button in the game.

It's like Monopoly, but with puzzles, well not quite. Try to be the best puzzle freak on the planet and show the world just how brainy you really are!

The board is divided into two types of squares - puzzles and special 'chance' squares. Puzzle squares have a randomly selected puzzle from a range of 14 puzzle types. 'Chance' squares may help or hinder your progress through the game.

If you solve a puzzle, you get another turn (up to 3 turns in a row). Each puzzle has a different time limit depending on how difficult it is. You are awarded different IQ points depending on how quickly you solve a puzzle - the faster you are, the more points you get.

The winner is the person / computer with the highest IQ after reaching the finish line.

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The game itself can get pretty hard I do think if you added more elements and make it easier in some points and even ad on some bonus elements it would be a plus, but anyways this was actually a pretty good game.



wow, este juego lo sacaron el día que nací!
y aparentemente tengo un IQ de 142... no se que tan fiable sea su criterio de medición

good game but theres no chance playin gon hard unless your super smart lol

Wow, I was pretty dang impressed at how hard this game was. I think the best thing was how you did in fact have no idea what was going to happen next. I knew a standard board game wouldn't be good. As the Frankenstein monster, I could have just killed the human. The music and sounds are quite good. I do think the graphics could be better, though.

Not much more to say, other than that I'm bad at the mini games. I guess the whole thing is nothing but mini games, which I am bad at. They prove to be quite challenging. I generally don't play these sorts of things with the games here. It was frustrating, but you unique.

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4.01 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2007
11:40 PM EDT