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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"


I got my actual IQ of 134? The puzzles are fun, but they seem to all be either really easy or quite challenging. There's no middle ground.. Maybe there should be a gradual increase of difficulty? The characters amuse me c:


I beat the nards off of 3 geniuses!

Great game.

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not a good game to play when tired!

this game is awesome! it's really fun figuring out the puzzles. I'll have to play this again when im not so tired.


you obviously don't have an I.Q of 140 or you would realise that i.q in this game means points and if your struggling to make 120 on this you are stupid!

i like it

Difficult enough to make it a challange, but still enjoyable.
only problem is alot of the puzzels repeat themselfs alot.
thares only so meny time you can do a spot the diffrance b4 you know it off by hart.