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Edit-Whoaa! Front page?! thank you!
I thought I'd make a creepy anti-fast food through the looking glass kind of affair while playing silent hill last month. the result was a very depressing 3 minute animation that i present to you now, 3.5 weeks later. Following this up with a very quick animation, and a longer funnier animation that should be out in about a month or so. Also planning a shorter one to be released between now and then.

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I watched this and got serious SMILE! Vibes from it. Dunno if you ever saw that before. The music worked very well with the very creepy animation, albeit, the desolate tones may have been a bit much. I also wonder what it'd be like with a pop of color, out of curiousity, but thats just me wondering outloud. Otherwise, this was very good, I legit feel like not wanting to overeat (which is a habit of mine XD)

It is kinda scary seeing the effects of fast food such as Mcdonalds, I worked at one and saw how much money people spend and lol you wont believe how much one person can eat lol this one guy ordered a 20 piece, 5 cheeseburgers and a milkshake and ate all of it by himself crazy lol. And over the years the employees gain an incredibly terrifying amount of weight cause they eat mcdonalds all the time lol reminds me of that Spongebob episode were Squidward ate too many Krabby Paties and exploded.


Okay, I'll say it. This was probably the scariest thing I've ever seen. But I know what you're getting at.

It's sorta as if the guy walked into McDonald's, but didn't know about the food's effects. So Ronald McDonald told him to eat it, thus causing him to give in, get fat, and hallucinate about cows. Then, machines suddenly come and start eating up the cows, so as to make the burgers, and he gets killed in the hallucination. He then wakes up and somehow is seeing inside himself. The giant person looking down at him is, in fact, the Burger King, which I figured out. The Burger King takes over his whole body, and he got so sick he wound up in the hospital.

I hope that's enough to swallow, and enough to explain the Flash. It gave me nightmares for about a month when I watched this for the first time. My parents then forbid me from using Firefox. So, you technically got me halfway grounded. XD But that was YEARS ago. They explained the video to me later on. A while later, I remembered this Flash and thought about the storyline. I looked at the comments and reviews of the movie. And I realized all the stuff above this paragraph that you just read.

Keep animating, just try not to traumatize me again. XD I'm kidding you know. You have my support! :)

Really interesting

I didn't know what to think about this at first but I really thought it was interesting. The style of drawing was also good.

funny definition

The definition for the movie gave a slightly funny ring to it, but when it started, i was a little creeped out and i knew i was wrong. If you can, i would change the definition. It brought me into the idea this was funny. It is a good clip, it gives off a funny definition.

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4.23 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2007
10:00 PM EST