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After days and nights and hours of exploding nerves, sweatdrops causing bloodred eyes and blah blah.. present you..:
-LysergicAcidDiethylamide -

Our protagonist happens to be on the highest point of his LSD trip and took some DMT right there (For the people that complained LSD alone could't make you horror that hard.. who the fuck cares about the substance anyways), so follow his trip as it goes in a strange direction the moment he gets up to make himself some toast.
Incase you think you don´t understand this movie, you´re wrong.

Turn off the lights, pull the speakers and bass a bit up or put your headphones on, relax and let it flow into you for the next 2 minutes.

I´d actually recommend, if you´re interested in it and like it, to watch it twice, and maybe to read more about it at the ending menu.

Alot of love, hate, lifetime, passion, health, cum and work went into this and I consider this my best work EVARRRR
Thank you for watching, oh Newgrounds.
Thank you for everything


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First, he dropped LSD and DMT together.

Then he mutilated his hand smashing all of his dishes.

He falls down several times, most likely injuring himself each time.

He pulls out his eyelashes.

He amputates his own right hand.

He somehow creates a gaping wound in his abdomen.

He apparently pulls out both of his own eyeballs from their sockets, rendering himself completely blind.

He then apparently tries to break open his own skull, "reaching" for his brain. Most likely he self-induces many skull fractures and concussions.

Due to severe cranial trauma and exanguination, he dies.

I should try some LSD.


I feel like after seeing this years later. I finally understand. That experiance. Ive been there now mate.

This is an insult to hallucinogens. this is the reason why the govt bans these powerful tools of enlightement. this has nothing to with lsd OR dmt by nature of the hallucinations. it's very similar to a pcp dream (dissociative). find help. never use hallucinogens again, as it is damaging your aura. you are obviously not at the personal level to attain anykind of useful let alone information (6) but also feelings (4) to help the earth or humanity. This kind of attempted brain masturbation will lead eventually to darkness. Never ever bring back lower levels of conciousness without proper guidance. we are already at a non-human level, let go of the material and bee free gain your proper pace in the astral flow. You have obviously banned your self from the use of the Holy DMT (which is unfortunate because you are denying yourself the most advanced part of your brain). As for the people who watched this; THIS IS TOTAL BALONEY, ABSOLUTE BULLCRAP AS THESE THİNG ARE NEVER THREE DIMESİONAL, THE PRESPECTİVE GİVES THE WHOLE THİNG UP. even with a majorly synthetic chemical like acid it, still has its ties to ergot and İ do not suspect it would end up this way. This is psychosis and should be watched like salad fingers. İ repeat never use hallucinogens again until you either find proper guidance or major help. but pelease let that aura heal for a long thime usning herbs and a generally non-toxic lifestyle. you will be suprised of the abundance you get as a nice side effect of curing your glimses into non-real psychosis.

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Oct 21, 2006
2:16 PM EDT
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