Reviews for "-LSD-DMT-"

Random but Awsome

WOW now here is another random but awsome flash and the animation was very "SMOOTH" the ideas in this flash were random at times but they were some amazing and creative ideas that made this into an artistic visual animation, anyways nice job

Amazing and entertaining flash



Yes I put 8, I thought the flash animation was fantastic and the art direction was very interesting. However, I'm a bit saddened you are portraying LSD and DMT as being a terrifying and destroying experience. When in fact, given the right set and setting, it can be the most wonderful, enlightening experience one can ever have. Im sorry if you had a bad trip on these substances but thsi movie is only going to propagate the bull**** that 'lsd destroys your brain' myth whcih is peddled in colleges roundt the world.


This, sir, is probably one of my favourite Flash movies on Newgrounds. Really freaky stuff going on, great sound effects and decent animation.

Call me crazy, but I've watched this 4 times already.


Very nice. I enjoyed the way you put your own experiences into animation as you create a great video along with a little touch of yourself; and I think that makes it good. It was also interesting to see the effects of LSD through the perspective of the actual user. This is one of those films that gives people a handful of education and entertainment at the same time. Well done.


This is one of the best flash movies i have ever seen on newgrounds, both in animation and in the message.