Reviews for "-LSD-DMT-"

Very nice flash! Props on pioneering into the almost always ostracized (or forgotten) realm of psychadelics! LSD and DMT FTW!

bad little refrence to DMT

if you ever did dmt youd know that you cant actually go bad on it, even if you were on a shit load of acid DMT would totally orveride that you wouldent even feel the acid any more it does pile it on top of it it totally overides it, dmt is the safest most natural substance there is really, if youre gonna do dmt or thinking about it then yeah this isnt a good view point really, and just the way the guy who made it says who cares about the substance anyways, yeah research dude, not trying to be a douche just sayin :)

just out of curiosity

what drug are you on?

Very Fuckin Cool!

"As your attourney I advise you to take at least 6 hits of the white fluff then at your peek proceed to smoke that DMT"


this is why i don't dare to go on an acid trip alone... but the sole idea of mixing lsd with dmt... what.. the.. fuck? huge balls are required
*applauds for drugs*