Reviews for "-LSD-DMT-"

wow.. wow..WOW

Okay your mike did suck but you did a great job at this. Since i have taken an art class or two i would say that you did well in your choice of colors, red contrasted by the complimentary color of green was definitely a good choice.I also like the art style you choose, its so sporadic that it portrays the reaction as close as i would believe it should.You use of frame rate only added to the insanity that this character is going thru.
I'm actually going to Major in psychology, Thank fully i choose to be an MFT and not specialize in Psychoactive drugs.
Good work.

BTW i spotted the alien...

Good flash animation

I like the animation. . . but what the hell are you seeing on your trips, it looks and sounds terrible. When ever I smoke Dmt I die aswell but I never try to stand up.

If you really want to tripp hard leave on a purple light or a red light then smoke it.

I like the Animation I give it a 10! DRUGS

I do not reccomend watching this tripping.

I wonder how many bad trips this has caused?


I've had trips like this but when I die I don't tell the story the same way but I keep coming back so I'm not sure if I am dead or not. I'm probably not but I can't prove it even 25 years later. I think this guy died permanently. I never cut my hand all the way off. You don't have to smoke DMT to have a bad trip. It all come from inside you. The acid is just the key that unlocks the door to the other side. Depending on what kind of brain you have, other substances will work just as well. All you have to do is break on through to the other side.
Thanks for a lovely flashback


Dude while it is definitely crazy, I think this video would fuck me up if I were frying and watched it.