Reviews for "-LSD-DMT-"

Very Original

The Visuals, Story, Sound and subject of the animation were great...Very original. Something definetly worth watching again (if ya have the stomach for it). So Keep animations like this coming out...Original :)

This was one quality animation, very enjoyable.

Amazing. It must have been very hard to do all the lighting effects and colours. I havn't seen much else with this much skill and detication used. Very well done.

I don't think there are many others with as much style as this shows. It's dark and corrupted, and that's all because it's for holloween. It really sets the holloween mood. Excellent.

The music and sound effects go very well with the overall production. It's a very monotoned backround BGM that's been used, and it goes very well. The only thing is, perhaps, the voice acting. Though I thought it was a very good choice of voice, it sounded good, it lacked a certain something, perhaps more emotion. Quite nice.

The violence was not just foolish and destructive, it went perfect with the mood of the flash: dark and disturbing. It showed a lot of passion and reflected the overall mood. Very good.

Just the play button, no other interactivity is needed.

Not meant to be a funny piece, so it has no humor.

This is one of my all time favourite animations. Even if you don't like it, it's impossible to say it is not very well done. This is truly a work of art, and it deserves much credit. To me, this is the front runner for the holloween flash contest. I will be awarding this a five rating, and hope to see more abstract flashes like this from you soon. Phenomenal.


i love acid. i also love this flash. well done.


It was pretty cool.
im never trying LSD.
whats that secret??

im not sure wat to rate this by...

It's kinda werid.Not funy but shows how drugs mess you up bad.
So i guess its good.I don't really really like it but it's message is powerful and it looks like a good piece of work.
This could be shown at schools as a drug thing.
Definantly a 10.
Don't rate this low because you don't understand it.It's good.