Reviews for "-LSD-DMT-"


I sincerlyhope noone on LSD wathches this. It just may send them into a bad trip. Love the animation and the feelof it... I would only add a warning to anyone that may be in an altered state of mind to stay away from this if they have problems keeping reality and fantasy seperate. I would love to see more animations like this on here.


Don't do drugs kids.

LSD is A-OK!

That was amazing, scary, horrible, brilliant...it scared me a little. Sleep would be nice...but thanks to you...no sleep at this hour. Afraid of the visions...the eyes...the mellons. Fish tank...I'd like to be there. P.S Awesome video...:)


They come to you...

Or you can watch them offa newgrounds ;)

Nice work ^o^... even if i cant sleep tonight...


this has got to be one of the best videos ive ever stumbled upon
the poetry, the color schemes, the mood, the story. i love the way you put all these elements in your video. definetly a 10/10