Reviews for "-LSD-DMT-"

Talk about a bad trip.

I was feeling uncomfortable watching him go through the trip, must've been hell to go through it. Anyways, this is very impressive stuff. Very drug trippy and chaotic with the voices and the sounds. Everything looked great and had a very distinct feel to it.

It's really innovative that you used something fairly common to do your halloween piece about. While pretty much everyone else will have garishly dressed serial killers and cliche zombies, you've made a horror story concerning only one person who is being attacked by their own mind. Let's stop for a second and take in how deep that really is... Alright, very good job. One of the best halloween submissions so far.

I'd like to just say that the most impressive thing is the fact that it took you only 19 days to make this. You must've been pulling a lot of all-nighters. And your dedication to this flash really shows. Excellent job.

Sqeezy responds:

When I was lying in bed at night with my eyes closed, I realised I was only waiting, hours to fall asleep and how much time gets wasted, so I always got up and worked through the night. I set myself goals like finishing 3 scenes each day to get it done in time. I often did 6 sometimes 10. I couldnt get this freaking movie out of my head.
I´m so damn glad this is done.

And I was actually worried about the fact this has no halloween theme. I mean it´s intended but I´m not sure about how the NG community takes it. But I´m glad it already only pays off from that my original intentions with this movie were. I managed to create the the atmosphere I always wanted to.
I´m so glad it works out.

Thanks alot.

welcome back

I know how long you've been struggling to get back in the scene, im glad you finally did.

I wasnt sure where you were going with this movie when i first saw it being made.. and i even went as far as telling tommy that your movie wasnt that good.. but you wrapped it up so nicely.. you stuck to your idea and your scenes are all faithful to the mood and everything is very well thoughtout. Originally i was like ugh its one of tims random movies again..

But no, its very dark and erratic. Its sort of creepy in a different way.

God bless your crappy mic... i think that it adds alot of personality and abrasiveness to the movie.. its hard to hear with the distortions just as its hard to make out the movie and its all a nice package complementing each other.

Great job.


Now that was trippy. Excellent job with this. Lots of subtle details and the sound warping added alot to this. I had to watch this two more times after the first time, and I still don't think I caught everything.. This is just a piece of art...

Oh and I found that little "secret" of yours. After watching this and seeing that couch with the blue gunk on it, and made it feel "Not Pron" esque...

Sqeezy responds:

Ahaha, I´m so glad you´re watching it more than once, I agree that it´s way too much for the senses to catch with only one watch.

And damn, you found the secret prize.
Congrats and have fun with it.


Holy Crap!

That was excellently animated. Despite being an acid trip, the animation still flowed very smoothly. Great graphics, the warped sound fit perfectly, and.... I just don't know what else to say other than I couldn't recommend the viewer to pop a few before watching this.... Excellent work.

Great flash.

It isn't nearly as much fun as an LSD trip, but this makes for a drug-free good time. Stay in school.