Electronica 3

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It's finally done! For those who are viewing an Electronica movie for the first time, watch the others so you get the plot.
This took me so long cause it's an RPG. That's right, I know enough about flash to make one. If you get far enough, there will be some cool stuff.
Sorry, the ending may be a bit crappy (it really doesn't wrap up the plot), but I was kindd of in a rush to submit before the Portal forgot about me.

*2/8/02: It's been a while since I checked here, because I thought this movie had ultimately sunk into obscurity. Thanks for playing this, even if you didn't like it that much. But what I'd like to know is how there was a sudden 'boom' in the views of this work (maybe they just built up in the time I was gone?).

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When are you going to make the next?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite series on newgrounds.

In fact, this was the very first flash I ever saw in my life (back when I was 7, and didn't have a computer of my own then) and this is what got me so interested in flash in the first place. The story is something I have never seen before, making it one of it's own kind.

As for the game itself, while I thought the new battle system was pretty cool and the graphics at the end were a nice touch, I felt the ending to be pretty anti-climatic. The final battle was just the same as the rest but with different graphics. An ending should give off an emotional feeling and wrap the entire story up but all this one had was just the hero following a guy dressed like a knight to some other place.

Overall a solid 8/10. This series had a good thing going and it's a shame to see it end unfinished. Could have had turned into something great like madness combat if you had decided to keep working on it. Now I know you don't have any plan to continue working on this after all you've been through but don't leave it hanging! I hope to see Electronica 4 sometime in the future and until then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


please make another

awsome but 1 thing

this was great but why cant you use the laser during final fight

The wait is killing me.

I've been waiting for #4 for at least a year! Dude, what's taking you so long? You forgot or something? Anyway, the game's good, graphics are decent.

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2001
3:51 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG