Reviews for "Electronica 3"


Nice series.

abosolute genius

ure games r great keep up da wrk boys


ok you are 1 of the few guys i really respect on newgrounds i love your games!!!! all top ranked to me i will keep playing these very very well done man!!!!

Loved it!!!!!!!!

Electronica 3 was a master piece!!!!! Just like all of the other Electronicas. I especially loved the game Electronica:Prequal. PLEEEEEEAAAAASEEEEE keep making Electronicas. They are the greatest. I usually dont like ng movies, I like the games, but this is a game/movie, and it is the greatest Ive ever seen, please keep creating Electronica's its even better than a lot of tv shows I normally watch on tv!!!!!!!! I know like you said in your comment for your music video of Electronica that your not motivated but a lot of people love Electronica including me!! So please keep em coming! and you should also keep making a series of ecletronica games like Electronica:Prequal. NICE WORK!!!!!!!


Just A tip if someone finds this hard just do everyone's random attack(the green button) when u have to fight the 3 guys in a row use the machine guy (army cloths) his machine gun does 12-20 hp per shot and he shoots 6 times i went through the whole game with out healing (except once on the big robot, also use your laser on that fight) On the last fight though save ur beat down and use it when it get to just enough to kill him and its that simple, other then that the game sucked