Reviews for "Electronica 3"

Make 4444444 I want 4

Make 4 They all rock but make 4 please

What about patriot and pyro?

This was good and i really like your series but....... in the prequel kombat machines companions are patriot and pyro and then in the series his companions are sharp-shooter and barkley (by the way petriot and pyro are way cooler)? I mean what the hell is going on?
It's CHAOS MAN!!! >8O


Electronica 1 ruled..
Electronica 2 sucked A LOT..
Electronica 3 is good, thank god it has no FF9 music on the battles..

nice best game on ng

nice game, but i hate it when lizard, sharpshooter and baskey died, very good violence, lol
i wish i can get electronica 4, maybe the best in the internet, i never enjoyed a game like this one

Good Job

Hey, Nice work on the series, Love how you made it movie/Game, This series could really pick up if you do it right, For later episodes maybe you should try getting some friends to do the voices? Instead of the written script, Just a suggestion, Anyway Great job all in all.