Reviews for "Electronica 3"

all the electronica games are the best!

but where is patriot and pyro?and did you come up with the names from Mortal Kombat?(Mortal=mortal enemy/Kombat=Kombat Machine)Can you get a character named Mortal Kombat?

it was ok... i liked it...

not bad... start on Electronica 4 pleeeeease!!!!!

i gave the music a "6" because i liked the sound. what happened to patriot and Pyro? i liked them better than gun slinger and... what was it? shanky? skanky? something like that. i would still recommend it to people

This game SUCKED!

Okay...All i gotta say is these Electronica games rock. ACCEPT FOR THIS ONE! I made it to the sentinel and the f*cking game froze! I WASTED ALL THAT TIME AND I DONT EVEN GET TO SEE THE END! IT SUCKS!

Getting better

Getting better, but it doesn't make much sense changing the graphics at the end of the game. Although i understand that it would help people realize whos who. Good job all the same

P.S. And it was pretty funny Kschaerffer, when the gate was blown away and.....Well u know the rest!


I LIKED the part when he blew down the gate and.... well i dont wanna give it away But it was DAMN FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!