Reviews for "Electronica 3"


Kombat Machine....Mortal Enemy....Kombat, Mortal...Mortal Kombat! What??? Huh? Arf?

I agree with Red_bones, but I disagree with the way he takes it. Sure it is the biggest rip-off of The Matrix I've ever seen, but hey. It's got a completely different storyline inside Electronica, and it's still a kick-ass game.

On a different note, the characters look really familiar. Just with stranger graphics.....South Park! That's where I remember them! They look like they just came out of South Park! Just wierder. Worse in a sense, but hey. You can't beat South Park.

And I'm sure I've either seen this before, or someone else posted something very much like it (the battle scene with Lizard sert off my flashbacks).

Lizard's death -sorry if I ruined anything!- reminded me alot of Gangs of New York as well...

And wow. Now that's what I call graphical Alterations!!

Lol. "I've finished the deed." "I am Niyt."]

I think I've rambled enough. Great game with so much to do. Fantastic!

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Oh, Honestly now!

Another Matrix rip-off?! Come oooonnnn!

A computer Program that's an imaginary world?!
Fredom-fighters with strange aliases?!
A world whose name realtes to electronics somehow?!
A villain who always wears sunglasses?!
Glitches in the system causing strange things to happen?!

Are you COMPLETLEY SHAMELESS?! Not only that, the graphics, story and writing all stink like the only toilet at a mexican cook-off. Don't make a sequel. I already have too many people to kill for ignorance as it is....

Nice job

You could use a little bit more graphics work but besides that Two thumbs up 5 stars awesome...I can't wait till Electronica 4


poor baskey and sharp shooter =(
brilliant game anyhoo =D