Nimian Hunter

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Capture and sacrifice the living creatures to return a dead land to life and undo the damage you have done. It a horsebound game (with a few surprise stallions) and my first with 360degrees of 3d motion. Feedback's the best part about this so don't be shy.
NOTE: There are 2 alternate endings depending on which answer you chose - Yes or No
INSTRUCTIONS: ride to the GREEN MARKERS to find your targets then get close and MOUSE CLICK to capture them and return them to the demon to feed


*held in awe*

A second wicked game in the world of Nimia the other two refer away from it, I said 9/10 on Nimian Flier Legends but by just the things other than the story line, it is supposed to atoumaticcally be a ten, even with a totally horrible story line.

pretty good

i liked it expeacully when u ride the the ppl or bugs. i dont no how to beat that one guy at the end i kept hitting his chest but he wouldnt die o well i ran into him and the game was over looll


i like the wierdnnes of it

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Honestly, I really don't like the game at all. But the story... well, that has a shit load of potential. Especially if you develop it more deeply, and provide a backstory and a real character... for the character.

Brush up on the game play a bit, make the already engaging story a bit better, and you'll have a real winner.

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Definitely a style over substance. The gameplay is repetitive and a bit weak, but the overall experience kicks ass. I love the dreamy atmosphere depicting the moody fantasy universe it takes place in.

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2006
9:59 PM EDT
Adventure - Other