Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

its ok, but two minutes playing it i beat it,

some times good controls and a more complicated story line are better than haveing "3d"ish graphics, really if its controls and story where addicting and fun i would hardly care if it had the grapics worse than the first mario game as long as i could tell the difference between me and the bad guys, i knew it was a trap even before the Chrystal flyer part .

very good

i loved the game, it reminded me of shadow of colossus but it could do with a bit better graphics and more monsters to get as well as a more bigger storyline.

thats mostly it really and i hope to see a sequel


if u said yes,then I KILL U MODAFUCKA!!!!! if u say no, well, its kinda hard, but if you done it, ull go to blu sad man and be a green statue (wtf?).
and what that man did to that land? if u can do it with just a rope and a horse, ILL GONNA DESTROY WORL WITH MA TOYS! funney secrets: 1 the demon is GAY! look better when ur fighting... it must be man cuz it has muscles, but he hasnt got a dick. O_o omg! 2 the fly u used to get crystal flyer can be faster with holdin' mouse button 3 the "hero" looks like doing meditation when hes on crystal flyer :DDDDD 4 WHY THE HELL CREATOR HAS DONE THOO BIG LANDS FOO JUST SOME RUN !?!?!?!??!?!?!!?

You really hate him,, right?

On both endings you kill the guy...who´s side u are his or the demon´s? Anyways nice job.


but you should have mentioned what happened 1st because i only understood after 10 minutes of playing to beat both senerios