Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


It's unique, but too short. The storyline is too simple. I'd make some sort of sequel, as I really liked the game and would like to see a longer game and more developed storyline. I'd also brush up on the graphics. The game was... 3-Dish. The trees and grass were all really pixelated and not 3-D. Only the protaganist was 3-D. The rope the protagonist used to capture creatures was pretty dodgy, as it wasn't 'attached' to his hand. When the horse moved up and down when it galloped, the rope didn't stay with the protagonist's hand. Aside from this, a really good game.

*held in awe*

A second wicked game in the world of Nimia the other two refer away from it, I said 9/10 on Nimian Flier Legends but by just the things other than the story line, it is supposed to atoumaticcally be a ten, even with a totally horrible story line.

pretty good

i liked it expeacully when u ride the the ppl or bugs. i dont no how to beat that one guy at the end i kept hitting his chest but he wouldnt die o well i ran into him and the game was over looll


i like the wierdnnes of it


Honestly, I really don't like the game at all. But the story... well, that has a shit load of potential. Especially if you develop it more deeply, and provide a backstory and a real character... for the character.

Brush up on the game play a bit, make the already engaging story a bit better, and you'll have a real winner.