Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


Definitely a style over substance. The gameplay is repetitive and a bit weak, but the overall experience kicks ass. I love the dreamy atmosphere depicting the moody fantasy universe it takes place in.


I hope you make the prequel soon. I really want to know the story behind this. I noticed both answers lead the to same ending... The graphics were amazing really, even my older brother *The guy who always tells me the games I play suck* complimented the graphics. I look forward to your games of the Nimian series. I again really want to see the story, because the guy's actions *Don't wanna spoil* were... vital... Hope to see the story soon..

Beautiful just beautiful

The theme, the graphics, the story that hocked me to play both endings. All beautiful. I have to say, even though this game is kind of weird I loved it all the way. The only thing that would have made me stop playing was the game play. It was to simple for me... better yet it was kind of boring. But with this theme I can't complain. I'm not telling it but for any one who wants to know should really check it!


You nailed this game!
all the other games are nothing compared to this game!
i really like flying those things too,and...
u have reached your full potential on this one!
u and krinkles r my idles in flashed!

popopt responds:

:) great praise! well ill be doing a sequel to it (actually a prequel) and will preserve the atmosphere and gameplay. I think it worked well because there was a deep theme and story behind the game - and it carried over into the design somehow:)

This is better.

...And little philosophic, can i say.