Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Very slow gameplay

-The real challenge in this game is staying awake. Your horse goes a set speed that is in-between slow and really slow. There's no way to make it either stop or go faster, so you're not really that much in control of its actions, even less so than a traditional on-rails game like for example Star Fox. There is a critter much later in the game that does have a speed boost, but it's only useful for capturing the end creature, so it doesn't play much of a role, and by the time you get to that critter, you're just hoping the game will end.

-The music is repetitive, but even more so is the horse's gallop. No variety in the sounds makes this game horrible. The creatures don't even protest that they've been caught, or even fight back. The gameplay is what really suffers. The game has good graphics, but the gameplay isn't here. Controlling the horse is alright except that there should be some sort of autopilot mode or something to get to a target because going in a straight line for a minute or two is not something a game should make you do

this game is inense!

but at the end did he die or was he turned into a statue?


oh my god that boss battle was intense!!!!! and i agree with stun55 submit it to a game company and see if they will take it!!! this PWNS

i think my mind exploded

holy crap this has to be probably the best flash game i have ever played. try sending this game to a big game company and see if they will make it a real game with a longer story and better graphics.

p.s. this flash game has the best graphics i have seen for a flash. even better than a flash movie


I loved this is game, it was majestic! And I agree with ScarabsBlood, it reminded me of shadow of collossus too, which is one of my fav games! good job!