Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


This was a real treat. An interesting snippet of story, great graphics on top of a VERY cool pseudo-3D game engine. And I thought it very good how you thought of a contained, but variable style of play. With the character riding a horse, he doesn't have to perform complex movements or different actions (although it was great how he scaled the backs of the different creatures he rode)... but the containment of abilities didn't detract from the game at all. Well done.

The only thing I thought odd or out of place was the cuts to the story texts... the quality of them was really poor compared to the game itself. They were just blocky black text on a white background, and just seemed light-years behind the game itself. But otherwise, awesome.

popopt responds:

this is a terrific, observant critique, thank you:) I like your description of the contained actions-im going more towards doing something simple like move a mouse and click, while having the character do something increasingly animated. Good point on the story text and ill take it with me to the next game.

its a good game but it gets boring after a while

i lke the game a lot but u should add more thing s 2 it like weapon upgardes so u can kill the monster instead of tieing them 2 a rope and add a better storyline to it not just i got 2 save my land crap but all in all a really good game


Graphics : Prolly the prettiest graphics I've seen in a Newgrounds animation.

Style : Suprizingly original. Never played something getting even close to this.

interactivity : See previous point. Control was pretty interresting.

Overall : Je*** Ch*** WTF... wow !!!! Like, a dream world came true in a freakin' flash game... superb. in every way...

Like, I have got a Newgrounds account for years... But haven't logged in in like 2 years... And managed to dig back my password and to log in just to make a review for you. Fantastic work man...

( I did not put a rating on sound since I'm at job, playing on mute )

popopt responds:

wow, thank you..I know what a hassle it is to dig out passwords lol Im always saying im gonna type all mine up and store them properly, but in reality they're on like 50 different postit notes in 5 folders - so ia ppreciate you taking the time. And Laval, thats right next to me, big hi from your neighbour in Westmount Montreal!

absolutely friggin beautiful!

WOW. just WOW.
I have never seen anything like it for a free flash game!!
This is what I call quality!
you have made my day pretty much. such a beautiful experience. and so unexpected.
Thank you so very much :)


Ive seen and beat both endings really fun and to Jamino or whatever if you wouldve listened to what the demon thing said it said that it hangs aroun it so you have to find it it drops fire catch it i cam towards me both times before i got to the bones