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Keep your V.L.

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New Passwords: ammo it, shielded, gun up, the end.

ADDENDUM: In case you're wondering about the other levels, try these passwords: lipstick, pucker, and lifeforce.

WARNING: The green moss regenerates!

EDIT: The box at the bottom of the main screen is for level passwords.

This is another 1-man band project. The premise comes from a very funny quirk in Mormon culture called "V.L." see if you can guess what it stands for.

My apologies if it gets laggy in some parts, I tried to optimize my code to avoid it, but I know it may still happen. I haven't tested it on many slower processor computers so let me know how it runs if you're using one.

It was made for my LDS/Mormon-oriented site, www.bomtoons.com.

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Awesome original shoot em up :)

Alright game good work


good game and I finally got past lvl 1 without cheating! *JOYFUL YELLS!* anyway i like the game but if you get the sonic boom and get to close to moss it will shoot but will just go through also with the rockets if you're in a tight area and kinda close to a wall it will pucker but won't shoot anything, Anyway i liked the game but cant figure out what V.L. stands for!

BoMToons responds:

It is a mystery to everyone...

ver fun

an oldie i never played before but it was interesting XD

Ohhh, that's what it means!

I've never heard it referred to that way before. I feel dumb for not figuring it out sooner, though. Very funny!

BoMToons responds:

Hee hee, yeah...that IS what it means.