Galaxy Stingray

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This game starts hard but as you play and progress it gets easyer.

A vertical stationary shooter where you kill aliens collect the metal/gem that drops and upgrade your weapons (6 weapons, 4 upgrade categoryies each weapon) Dont forget... you start with 500 money... i sugest upgrading your armor a lil with that 500... it will make things easyer!

I hope everyone enjoys it... It took a long time to make and alot of work was put into it!



well the enemies shot and flew to fast and u were not firing fats enough so it was hard but u did pretty good i think

Not my cup of tea but mot bad all the same

I played and got pretty far but I just couldnt get into the game.As shooters go Im pretty much a freak for them.Theres just something about this one in particular that turns me off.I can tell you did alot of work on it and it came out well however so I voted and rated you based on that and not my own personal preference...so much.Nice game though, maybe you could work on control just a bit more.It seems to tend to drift a bit much.

It was pretty good...

It was a pretty good game... after the first level when you have over 100 health it gets WAY too easy.


the only good thing was the graphics everything else was rubbish it was an imposibble game with no meaning.

this is crap

this game is crap , its totally shit , i hope this game rote in hell , well it cnt reeli rot in hel cos its a game , but FUCK IT!

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3.31 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2005
5:48 PM EDT
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