Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"


was lots of fun, but sound got annoying after awhile ^_^ if you guys wanna play my dude (max stats and crap) name is sdfsdf


NeverStrikesTwice responds:

well... the save system dosn't work that way... it only saves the game on your system... other people cant play your file

nice game

this game was a lot of fun.... it took me quite awhile to figure out the controls and everything, but once i did, it was a very nice game. the graphics in this one were excellent too. overall, this game was great. a real good one.

Actually very good!

Everything is good, but when I get into the higher digits of money (5-12) It shows nothing. Just letting you know!

good but not the best

fun... but not quite up to par.

Fun game.

Is it actually posible to switch weapons?
I bought the chain-gun then switched to chain gun in the mission select screen and I still fought the mission with the basic weapon.
It's a bit easy if you follow your advice and put your starting cash into armour.(And does the first mission over a couple of times to build your ship)