Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"

Not Bad.

Well I didn't really enjoy playing it all that much, but the graphics were really good, and so were all the sounds. The style was very nice, and the whole thing was about violence, so good job. I found it annoying to lose half your money every time you lose, but that was easy too get over once I stopped losing.


it seamed ok exept you die the first few secounds you start it seamed cooler than it was

crappy font

th hole game was let down cos u carnt even reed th font!

Nice, but easy

Once you pass the first 5 levels, this becomes a piece of cake.

All you have to do if play until you get a green crystal, and use the 3600 you get all on your ship's armor. Then, play level ten and let the enemy ship hit into you. Free cash!

If you make a sequel, ya gotta fix stuff like that.


this game is to fucking hard