Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"


this was AWSEOM!!! WOOT

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

haha... thanks!

i like it, still could be improved

i know the guy who reviewed before me said this aswell, but it still can be improved, maybe add a tutorial, and a button so you can sheild yourself, other than that its a great game, nice work. 5/5.

A bit difficult at first...

People who think this game is hard didn't get past level 5. I beat level 20 and maxed out Armor, Speed, Basic Cannon, Chaingun, Railgun, and Lightning Cannon. I'll probably post anothe review if I like the other guns. I'm voting.. 5! Make more!


Great work! It was challenging and really damn addictive!


This game was great very "SMOOTH" the flow of animation was just perfect, the colors and details such as in the ships themself very nice work there, the "SHOOTING" with the orange beam notbad and was not too rapid nor too slow, but very well done, and overall a fun shooter with enhanced animation and detail...