Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"

Great game.

Now, this was a fun game. It took a couple of lives to figure everything out, but when i maxed everything out it was time to take revenge on that single ship in the first mission that killed me numerous times, Overall, that was a great game, but you only got a 9 because THERE WAS NO ENDING. I was all hyped up to save the galaxy, and nothing happened, other than thatgood job.

could use a bunch of improvement...

not bad but not that good either.... you start out PRETTY weak... and you lose half of your money... please improve that.... and better controls! then this would DEFINITELY be a game worth playing!!

Wait and see! the uzair is coming!

Very Good

Wow very nice, got alittle to easy near the end of the game but overalll very good

death too soon

omg. could u possibly die any faster


Starts hard? It would be beatable if the ennemies were not that buggy and so heavilly armed at the begining.

There isa problem with the ennemies weapons. Sometimes they do 5 damage, sometimes 30, sometime near insta-kill. Even if i got a couple hundred points of armor and get hit once..

fun to upgrade our weapons to our liking, allowing a lot of customization...

...but the basic gun need a LOT of money invested in it to be of any use... It overheat wayyy too quickly

the controls are weird and the "inertia" effect works against us.

it feels like "here, take that pea shooter and that tin-can that is named a warship, go out and destroy the ennemy army while we sit back and take a nap. What? you want a price reduction on our wares? Well...we are completely hopeless against the uber-ennemy without you so.. no."

But anyway, it got a lot of potential, the simple fact taht customization is possible is a big plus to the gameplay.