Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"

Good game

Good Game But its so dam hard

Very fun

I liked it, man. Good job on making a fun game.

Gave a 6 for violence cuz there really wasn't much to it, just some "Galaga" kinda violence.

well done

the only thing is, the ships move really fast at the beginning and its hard to hit, that may just be me though. nicely done and keep up the good work

nicely done

i really sucked at this game, it seems vevy nicely done though lol, i'm kinda dissapointed that its good, i've been finding a lot of crap, and having a lot of fun blamming, but anyway, i'll give u a 4

Pretty good

Yeah...friggin awsome cursor. That got you one point
Kinda like Galaxian, that old namco game. That got you a point.
I like the grafix, awsome, lik 3d or sumin. That got you another point.

Cool, keep upa da good werk!