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FF: Kill Strawberry Clock

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Author Comments

You must choose a character and eradicate StrawberryClock!


how do you kill strawberry clock?

im bored is there even a way to kill the clock

C'mon. Gimme a little effort here.

It is obvious, from the data I've collected earlier from seeing your profile, and your review responses, that you are an avid clock fan. But that doesn't mean you can take a popular franchise and ruin it just for the sake of fanboyism. Remove the boxes, make things more interactive, and PLEASE CHANGE THAT ANNOYING VOICE!!!!!!
"you cannot kill strawberry clock. you cannot kill strawberry clock, etc." It really gets to you after a while. CONSIDER YOUR VIEWERS NEXT TIME. i.e. BE CONSIDERATE. Good Day.

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I tried 12 times before I realized the point...

Well... I really don't know what to say. Obviously this guy is a HUGE fan of Strawberry Clock... It does have SOME comedic value... (I hate FF6 anyway...) But the sprites were kinda off, what with that box around them. Anyway, I probably rated it higher than most, but still, the flash IS somewhat poor. At least he could have put a winning scenario in there somewhere.

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Try a lot harder next time

You make it seem like it has gameplay in it yet, it does not this only shows your obsession for SBC which is not enough material for a quality submission, if you are going to create a game... PUT GAMEPLAY INTO IT... Graphics: I gave you a 2 because there was a slight amount of animation going on. Style: I gave a 0 due to the fact that this is not a game as it says it is and your description of the game says you have to try to kill SBC. Sound: I gave you a 2 because there was some music and voicing. Overall, I give you a 1 - if you want people to take the Clock Crew SERIOUSLY, submit quality material, the reason people seem to hate clocks is that a lot of useless stuff like this is submitted

What the fork?

Nah seriously man, what a bloody annoying game? What was that thing? I hope it didn't take you too long to make, because only a little time on this would have been time wasted.

If you want to make this game better, get rid of that odd background behind the guy, get some slower less annoying music
And make it possible to kill that mandarin clock or whatever the hell it was?
ok mate?

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Credits & Info

1.00 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2005
2:22 AM EDT