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Reviews for "FF: Kill Strawberry Clock"

I didn't like it.

For graphics, I thought the sprites were good, but then I can't say you made them. The music was good, but StrawberryClock (Henceforth reffered to as SC) just got annoying. I have to say, the was SOME violence, in that a poorly animated sword appeared and started waving itself at SC, although I would expect more from something titled "FF: Kill Strawberry Clock". there was interactivity in that you could press buttons to activate a loop. it might have been mildly funny if it did not repeat itself, and something I like to call VARIETY. And for style, well I have one thing to say: Just . . . No. Overall, it looked good, but then I watched it. I would say you can do better, but I've seen your other flash animations. This one is sadly the best. What I reccomend is animation lessons. I would say get them from SC, but then I saw his flash too.


Some people just have no sense of humor. I'll kill you yet strawberry!

It sucked so bad it made me laugh.

Ok. The ONLY this this had going for it when I watched it was that it sucked so bad that it made me laugh. The fact that every character does the same thing got boring very fast. Try harder.

Like hell I can't!

*Shoots him in the. . . Clock I guess. . . Whatever*


altought i hate the clock crew and all in it i can't help but tell you hat this wasn't too good, i mean, it really wasn't what i was expecting...