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Reviews for "FF: Kill Strawberry Clock"

I Know Why You Made This

I Understand what you have done you've been bored and was thinking of a way to get rid of this boredom so you made this. So i give you a five but the thing is by making this you have stopped your boredom and added it to us to waste our time . Its a shame if you were bothered i say you would of made great flash but it doesnt matter. Just dont make another thing like this again plz :)


WTF try makin it fun and KILLABLE

answer to strawberry clock

heres my answer...
sword slashing through a frieking strawberry and it doesn't die
...i've never liked clocks and i wanted to kill everysingle 1 of them, who doesn't?
(saddos yeah) if your gonna make a game with KILL in the title.
that's why you have a bad score.
+ while im commenting i got a 2 questions
1.Why the hell do you use computer voices?
2.who made a f£$%^&g piece of fruit king of the portal.


im givin this 1 str to be incredibly generous. if u make it able to kill strawberry clock it would get a 3 or 4 but... its just not good...sorry...

Time to be nice

Sorry to say this, but this game wasn't good. For starters, Sabin uses claws and knuckles as weapons, not swords... I dislike this work, but it could be better. The animation needs some work, and being able to actually kill Strawberry Clock would be better. Sorry, but this is as nice as I can be without being rude.