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Reviews for "FF: Kill Strawberry Clock"


dont judge strawberry clock he is king i am sad i couldnt kill it but i excepted it was king and got on with my life ^^ !!! YOU RULE!!!!

err... time for some constructive criticism

i can tell this was made out of boredom, and despite all the bad reviews, maybe if u maek a game like this but actually KILL strawberry clock, that would be good.

Besides the game, the animation was quite nice.


Lame flash, seriously, you wasted everyones time. It's nonsense flashes like this that poison Newgrounds.

I know strawberry clocks true weakness!!

A cutting board, knife and whipped cream so why didnt u include those in there??!!


create something that u can kill the kitty crew(and those clock)they both a retard

CraisinClock responds:

This really made no sense.