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Reviews for "FF: Kill Strawberry Clock"


Sephiroth could so kill strawberry clock....... heck Cait Sith could kill strawberry clock

CraisinClock responds:

They are available for DLC on XBL


This is fail on so many levels. It's not funny, just annoying. This is a disgrace to FFVI, among other things.

I like clock crew and all

but the "you can not kill strawberry clock" is getting old.

CraisinClock responds:

The movie is four years old.

its obvious

You Can not kill strawberry clock. that is the point, strawberry clock is king of the portal right? so he cant die end of story


what the fuck is this game? only appear (YOU CANNOT KILL STRAWBERRY CLOCK) and you make this game for nothing? saying for vote 5 this is the most stupid game(movie) I see Ever for other thing I Don't Know what Type of author you are!

CraisinClock responds:

I am the alpha. I am the omega. I made this movie to expand your mind young man, but it appears you were not ready for it. Practice and come back, you will be ready one day.