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Reviews for "FF: Kill Strawberry Clock"


Pretty damned poor really. To be fair it's more of a movie than a game and some of the sprites are a bit dodgy (I know that's not necessarily your fault). To be a proper game it really needs a bit more interactivity and an oppurtunity to actually see the clock thing die or at least fight against it.

no offense

but this sucks, good idea but u dont even get to choice wat they do


Why do you like strawberry clock next time (if there is one) make it s o that we an oh I dunno.....KILL STRAWBERRY CLOCK because that would make you a better flash artist this movie was terrible but i hope there will be a btter more kill-able strawberry clock game/movie thingy by you ok


The only thing true about this is that moggle is some kind of cat


Ok. This, is amazingly bad. This isn't a game at all. It's just you pick a name, look at a sprite with a white box around it hit SBC. And after a while, "You cannot kill SBC" just got annoying, but the voice was even more annoying.

Graphics: 0
Interactivity: 0
Idea: 1
Effort: 0
Total: 0

Sorry, but I would work on this game quite a bit. Scrub that, work on a different game and just forget this was ever made.