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Reviews for "FF: Kill Strawberry Clock"


I like how the music just comes to a complete end but ya what Oddler said you really should've put in some at least one interactive move or something and why is it a strawberryclock that's sorta funny but ya dumb (not even from FF but ya you already know that DUH!!!) so overall i'm saying yes and no (mostly no) but like outta ten 2 parts yes 8 parts no but ya and why do you have all these characters but no one can kill strawberryclock? so cool names for the characters (Woman with a green bra HA!! sorta mad me laugh )

Not a fan of the CC

Was a bit too drawn out and repetitive. I wish you could have made it more interactive with buttons to push. . . even if the outcome would have been the same it would have greatly enhanced the score. here's why: by implementing buttons you would have cut the wait time down by a large margin. We wouldn't have had to sit there and wait for the next scene to occur as it was majorly drawn out.

Put some more effort

The only interactive part of this game is the fact you can choose the character (but most of them aren't my favorite.) It sucked that you the movie chose your moves (for more points, put it so you can control the moves), the crappy editing at the sprite characters. and the no plot in this whatsoever. The title is misleading, as "You cannot kill Strawberry Clock!".

My rating is...

All what i can do is choose a character and look what happens. By my character i've seen is the health showed and by the StrawberryClock isn't the health showed. And:
All i see is 'You cannot Kill StrawberryClock!'
This is more like a movie instead of a game.


This isn't a game it's a movie! All you do is click a character and the rest happens for you. and all it says is 'You cannot kill Strawberryclock' all the time ><