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Pokéball Blitz

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If you like Tetris or Bustamove you'll love this new puzzle game from PKC.
EDIT2: CRAZY STUFF happens when you unlock the white and black blocks later on.

edit3: I will take all your suggestions to heart and will continue to develop this game adding new gameplay and audio/visuals (but the pokeball theme stays)

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Its not very fun

Its original ill give you that, but the game play isn't very cohesive, the poke balls are too small increasing inaccuracy, the colors are off, making it hard to tell colors quickly, and you should make the poke-balls destroy the colors connected as well, because you don't im just constantly throwing the balls down over and over, so its not very fun at all, and the music is repetitive, sorry for the criticism but i feel its necessary to help you work out the mistakes:)
The animation was good, and the concept works in theory, so if you make some changes you could have a great game on your hands:D

Nice, but a bit repetitive

While this game is original, it's gets very tedious after a while. Some additional music and a few different play modes would probably increase it's addicitve rate a bit.

All in all though, it's a nice puzzle game.



Definitely has an addictive quality to it. However, I think the appearance of pokeball colours should not be completely random. If one hasn't appeared for a while, make it appear kind of thing. Otherwise when there gets to be many kinds of pokeball, some colours may not appear for a long time, long enough to lose the game quickly from having been doing very well just because of that one stack of boxes with the colour on top that just won't appear.

It's also hard to tell sometimes how close you are to getting the ball on the intended square. Sometimes when it looks like it hit the box doesn't disappear.

Not Bad.javascript:submission_controller.GetReview

Love the pokeball theme. A bit of trouble concerning the red pokeball (supposed to clear the black blocks, right?). I agree with the comment posted by The-Great-One, precision seems to be a bit off between the pokeballs and the blocks (may just be user-error on my part though. :P) . I really like the "floating block" concept that the white pokeball seems to throw in, what with how it clears an entire row. :) That was something interesting. :)

to easy

its only fun once you get to level 15