Reviews for "Pok├ęball Blitz"

I hate pokemon...

This game is somewhat decent and has potential and a great concept. The problem: Pokemon theme... Its not exactly the best choice of a theme for a game as obvious as this on NG. The numbers on the side are confusing because I don't know whether that means how many I have done or left to next level. Try using a different theme because pokemon is just gay. And also, try to make the level objectives more clear. In one word I can explain what I wrote up there... GAY...

a good game but a couple of glitches.

Dont take this the wrong way it was a good game and all but you need to work on it more. there was a couple of things wrong with the game that would make me upset and make the game bad, like when you make the ball go down and it hits the edge of the block that you need to hit it didint count, you have to get it down exacly on the block, another thing you need to work on is the sound its great but still needs work, and last you need levels, and maybe pokemon that you have to catch or somthing as a boss. But over all it was a great game and youi should be proud.


It wasn't so much like tetris as it was just upside-down space invaders. With stationary aliens. That don't shoot back.


im not a fan of poke'mon but this game was fun , original, and well done. i liked the music alot too great game!

It's good game!

No, it's not good game, it's VERY good game! Respect, author! I like it.