Reviews for "Pok├ęball Blitz"

oh my god

i gave it a ten because i couldn't stop laughing at the stupidty it wasn't worth getting a rating highly suggest u don't play this game newgrounds is for action and humor not the kind i got out of this game. i am harsh because as being a credict i want u to be aware to run or play u can try it but dont suggest it.

got to catch the all

well as i was playing this game, for a good amount of time mind you... the only thing that i could think about was how pokemon only talk by saying their name.. and when they get mad they are all like ERRRR!!! absolutely amazing!! >.<


That must have kept me quiet for 30 minutes; love it; 10

Quite boring really.

Well, at first the idea seemed good and the game seemed quite interesting, but after a few minutes of playing it, it just got boring, also, it's quite glitchy, a lot of the time, when I dropped a ball into the right coloured square, nothing happened, you should fix this. Also, I didn't like the fact that if I dropped a blue Pokeball halfway between a blue square and a red one, (for instance) nothing happened, the blue one should have at least disappeared, these are things you really need to work on.


Well that was fun I got to level 25. You did a good job. I'm giving this a freaking 5.