Reviews for "Pokéball Blitz"


It's more interesting having a week of watching grass grow, then watching paint dry, then listening to wood chippings and then going to sleep without any T.V! Let's just leave it at that, shall we?


This is quite nice to pass the time with, since I am a big fan of Pokemon ^-^;;
But it could be improved, by simply adding a little thing in that makes you lose points =) I always like a little challenge in my games, and in this one, there is nothing to take away your points...
This is an extremely enjoyable game, but...The normal(red)Poke Ball looks orange =/

Other than that, you did a great job on making such an original and fun game!! ^-^

eh, whatever

i duno, it was ok, but too tempermental, you had to line up just right, and i duno, jsut didnt hold my attention

WAY too choppy.

I have a great computer, and the thing still lagged on me. It's WAY too choppy.

It wasn't that good.

I'm a pokemon fan and I though it was going to be good. The game was a little hard and my balls kept hitting the sides. There should be a line so you know where the ball is going. NIce Try though.