Reviews for "Pok├ęball Blitz"

Wow, I really liked this game.

This is a great puzzle game! The only complaint I had about it was that the blocks were too similar in colour, since I'm colourblind. The red and black were almost identical, likewise the blue and purple, and the balls were sometimes hard to identify (not your fault there, though). If I were going to change anything, it'd be that. Otherwise... AWESOME!!! ^_^

Gah, that's addicting!

obviously there was no violence or humor, but it was a great game. I got a score of 76500 on it, (level 35 or something) and wasn't too ashamed.

Not bad.

Only problem with the game is that it doesn't give a very wide variety of the balls once you get so many of them. I had 5 different colors and it would only give me red ones every like 20 or 30 balls.

decent game, but it has programming problems

This is a fairly good game. I like these types of Tetris/Dr. Mario-ish games, so it entertained me for while. The only problem is that it gets pretty glitchy in the upper levels (30+). Often the balls don't get rid of the blocks on the top of the stacks unless you keep pressing the "down" key while the balls are descending. Then if you don't let up on the key fast enough, another ball or two comes streaking down before you can move it to the left or right. Sometimes they wipe out blocks a layer or two below the top instead. This gets really annoying when you're trying to reduce the size of a tall stack and even though you're dropping a blue ball on a blue block, nothing happens and you end up losing the game.

Pretty good.

This game kept me busy for about an hour or two. But there are way too many glitches so it makes it so you have to line it up perfectly. Other than that great job! and to all those other idiots who gave it a low score just because it was pokemon.......Why won't you just at least ignore the pokemon part? it's not like it hurts anyone.